Previously Owned AE86’s

This is just a collection of my 86’s over the past few years.


AE86 Trueno Notchback

Model: 1983 Zenki AE86 Trueno Notchback


Fully Balanced 4AGE, 5Zigen Stainless 4-2-1 Extractors, BuddyClub Spec II Exhaust (Under Diff), 2.5″ Tip, TRD Engine Mounts lowered 1cm and strengthened, Transmission Mounts same as Engine Mounts, TRD Leads, Air Filter, 2Core Radiator, Greddy ECU


Front Cusco Strut Brace, Original YZ Sports Workshop Adjustable Coilovers,
F: Low Height 10Kg Springs, Adjustable Tension Rod, Adjustable Pillow Upper Mount (Camber Plate), Revolver RCA 30mm
R: CRAFTZ 8Kg Low Height Springs, YZ Sports Short Stroke Shocks, Adjustable Lateral Rod


2 Way LSD, C’s Short Shift Kit, Rebuilt T-50 Gearbox, Heavy Duty Clutch


Standard Disks and Callipers,
Project Mu Pads All Round,
Project Mu Braided Brake lines,
Cusco Brake Master Cylinder Stopper


Racing: Hayashi Racing 14x 6.5JJ -0 Offset With Dunlop Direzza 03G Semi Slick Tyres,
Volk Rays TE37 15×6.5J +11 Offset
Skids: Enkei Apache 4 spoke 14x 6 +15 Offset With Any Cheap Tyres
Drift: Enkei Cross Fever F: 14x 6.5 ?Offset R: 14x 6.5 ?Offset


Nardi Steering Wheel, 5ZIGEN N1R Fixed Back Bucket seat, Cusco Handbrake Button, Greddy Water Temp Gauge. Cusco 5 Point Bolt In Half Cage

AE86 Turbo Levin

1985 AE86 Turbo Levin Notchback

Kouki GT-Apex Levin
4AGZE out of AE92
Converted to turbo using t25 off a S13
HKS Log Manifold
EVO 4 front mount intercooler
16row Oil Cooler
Apex’i Power FC
Omori Gauges
Blitz SBC-iD
Full Run Free kit
30+mm Front FRP Fenders
30+mm Rear Run Free Over Fenders
Carbon Bonnet
Adjustable Suspension front
Rear are unknown
Cusco Type RS 2way LSD
15×7.5J -5offset XR-4 Longchamps
15x9J 0 Offset SSR MK-II’s
Bride Reclinable seat, Drivers and Passengers side.

Some more pictures for the viewers

4 thoughts on “Previously Owned AE86’s

  1. Awesome bro, i’ve always had a massive thing for hachi’s.
    Many a time i’ve caught myself browsing yahoo auctions Japan for them..

    argghh! must resist starting a new project!

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