Daikoku Futo Carpark

If you`re a car enthusiast, I`m sure you`ve all heard Japan is the place to be. I am luckily enough to be in Japan at the moment and am making the most of the time I have here. One place I have always wanted to go to is the Infamous Daikoku Futo Carpark…
This place was packed when I got there on a Saturday Night at around 10pm, As I drove down the entryway, First thing I see is a Clean 180sx, then I hear loud loud music coming from a Toyota Voxy? Going on, I see GTR`s, Silvia`s, Mark II`s, a couple of AE86`s, Lowriders, VIP styled Cars and even a few Bosozoku Cars… The various styles of cars amazed me and is definately a place you need to go when in Japan. Unfortunately my Camera Died half way through taking these pictures but AM going again this weekend so will update this post with more pictures!

Check this shit!

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