DMNZ Taupo: Final Shots

Sorry about the lateness of this post, have been busy with work and with wordpress down last week found it hard to motivate myself to get these photos up but here they are!

Troy Griffins Soarer in the Pit Garage

RB26 Hidden away


Andrew Redwards LS6 FC is an awesome piece of machinery!

Sky Zhao checking everything over in the engine bay

Daniel Woolhouse was on form in his newly setup V8 Commodore, This car used to be powered by a RB26 but the V8 was in force as he won the D1 Round the next weekend!

Check the Peace Sign on the bonnet emblem!

Zac’s Turbo Hachigo went well all day! That bonnet is from the legendary Noise Maker Trueno in Japan.

Jodie’s JZA80 was doing alot better than  I had seen her in previous, She had her suspension settings dialed in!

Chris “Picket” Howard had alot of lock to play with thanks to his new Knuckles, and he seemed to be putting them to good use!

This RB26 Powered R32 was bellowing smoke all day!

As the day came to an end, All the drivers and some spectators helped the organizers clean and tidy the course after a day of good use!

Thanks to the team effort that was put in, the track was in a good state to keep the track owners happy and for drifting to be allowed back to Taupo!

Everybody hopped onto the trailer to head back to the pits and call it a day!

This weekend coming up is D1 at Pukekohe Park Raceway, and with 200Km/h Entries, this should make for an interesting day!

Keep an Eye out!





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DMNZ Taupo: Part 2

Andrew Redward was out testing the LS Powered FC for this weekends D1NZ round.

With the newly acquired knuckles, Picket was getting some good angle coming out of the hairpin.

With Sky Zhao on the chase!

Gee Mutch was bellowing smoke all day!

Waz’s 81 looks awesome, Big Win is definitely the most suited Kit for the Mark II, same as Tezuka’s Kids Heart D1 Car!

This Laurel was a very nice example of  a C33 but what was surprising was the quietness of the car. No tyre squeal nor any exhaust noise.

Jodie looks to be a tough contender for the rookie series this weekend!

The D1 guys were putting on a good show chasing each others lines.

Dave was hitting the clipping point, literally!

This Kouki S14 was doing well throughout the day and looked like was well setup with more than enough power to get through this high speed track


Final Part to come.


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DMNZ Taupo: Part 1

Part 1 of many to come from The Drift Motorsports NZ Day at Taupo

What was a long day for many of us travelling down, turned out to be a scorcher of a day where the track was in optimal conditions for driving and for a lot of smoke to be made.

Waz’s JZX81 Mark II sporting Big WIN full Kit, Looks so good!

This S13 was killing it throughout the day and only got better as the day progressed. With a quick “sweet as bro” hand gesture out the window, you can definitely tell he was enjoying every second of it!

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More: D1NZ Rd.3

Nick Teeboon was going well throughout the slippery track until his Axle snapped clean and ended the day early.

Hugo’s BN Sports Kit gave the Hachi quite a Look to it, just dont want to break it eh? haha

Andrew Redwards’ LS1 FC was out in the expression sessions.

Gaz Whiter doing some crazy entries and kept doing them very consistently throughout the day

Jason was using his Brothers Matt’s S14 out for D1 As his Laurel had some issues on the day, but still doing well to get into the top 16!

Simon from Garage H sliding the rear quater on the barrier whilst doing a Demo run! Crowd Loved it!

South Side Sliders Driver Nico, at a very young age came into the game at full boar and ended up winning this round of D1 Rookie

Josh Coote – Imported from Australia was here to give the NZ drivers a run, and did well through out the day too. This 180 seems to be tuned quite well,