S-Club Manji Day Part 1

The first ever drift Trackday I ever went too at Meremere was organized by Team S-Club back in 08′ and ever since then I’ve followed their days even without having a car to drive.

There is always a variety of Cars and Drivers that make these days so interesting and fun! This day definitely did not disappoint!

Not many trackdays in NZ allow people to see a 7AGE powered 86 and a JZX81 which is the diversity that the NZ drift Culture needs, instead of having the everyday beater Nissans at each and every trackday you go too.

Although having a team of Nissans can also become very fun!

With the likes of Adam and Joel from C’s Garage taking their Corolla Wagon out, hearing the carb’d 4AGE go for gold was awesome and very Loud! haha

This KP61 Starlet from Garage4AG was by far one of my favourite cars to watch on the day,

and with a 4AGE like that powering it, the term power to weight was on point!

Mike from Garage Slipways JZX90 also made its first appearance

and in the engine bay:

Such a clean setup! And it most definitely proved itself on the day!

Anyway, enough with the still shots, heres some action!

Not only were there Cars, Go Karts are just as much fun on a course like Meremere as a Car is so Adam wanted to see what it was all about

Think drifting is a necessity in our lives, whether it be a car, trike, go-kart, bus, van…

Oh, talking about a Van, heres Nick Teeboon haha

Up till then, this Van probably made the most smoke for the day!

Untill Waz from Garage Slipway stepped in the JZX81 and displayed a thick smoke trail!

Nick Teeboons old Streeter, Such a well setup car and the new owner didn’t hesitate to give the keys back to Nick for the day!

The C’s Garage Wagon has such an aura to it, Look at all the heads looking in its direction as it drives towards the track!

And with sights like this to be seen, no wonder everyone was intrigued!

Sam from In The Wolf also brought along his notchy for a bit of sliding action! I Also got to drive this thing and it was the most fun I’ve had driving a car in a long time! Cheers Sam!!!

Max’s 1JZ powered S13 was out there, and for his first outing in the car, He was killing it!

Ryan was also there in his S14 and his technique and confidence improved tenfold! So good to see!

My good mate Troy and his friend Thor came out for the day in this S14.5

This S14 Ive seen a few times at these days and his skill has improved alot since I last saw him! Keep it up!

Not normally do you see a Go-Kart or a KP Starlet going full lock with smoke coming off those small tyres! It was awesome to see!

Part II coming soon! Enjoy!

Backtracked: Garage H Skidpan Day

Sorry about the lack of updates, Been very busy lately and my computer is starting to disintegrate as well! But here are the rest of the photos from the Skidpad Day run by Garage H’s Team! More recently was a full Track day where I was taking photos aswell so footage from that will be up soon!

This KE30 was awesome! At some points it was even lifting a rear wheel which was funny to see!

The more of this is done in NZ the better in my opinion, this tests each driver on following each others lines and speeds and in midst of all this, having the most fun!

Bens S13 has a really nice style to it!

The sound of a 4AGZE motor is definitely a unique sounding 4A!

Full Gallery Here:

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Part 2 Garage H Day

This supercharged Notch was very cool to see out on the track! Apparently pushing 140Kw out of the 4AGZE!

Luke Fendall’s Turbo MX-5 was the one on show at the 4NR nationals earlier this year, putting the 15×10 steelies to good use out the back too!

This soarer didnt sound 1J but the intercooler is hinting that its turbo.. maybe 1UZ Turbo?

The driving skill in New Zealand is getting better by the day which makes days like this very interesting to watch!

This was the other Supercharged Hachi at the day looking very tidy! Kouki too!

Troy Jenkins first outing in his S15! Will be good to see this out there more!

Ben’s Tris are awesome!

Ryan Entering the first section

Both Matt and Jason seemed to be having fun in the S14

Dave was definitely one of the more consistent drivers on the day

Nate in his S14 also looked like he was having a blast out there in the open Jam sessions

Sticker collection and Equips!

Ben and Ryan Packing up for the day

Have another 45 photos to go through from the day that need to be posted up… Will try do all of them at once, otherwise stay here for part 3 and 4 to come!

Garage H Hampton Downs Skid Day

Heres a few to start off with:

First Picture for the day (Literally) was of Matt ‘Toffee’ Seller’s S14 Driven between himself and his brother Jason

James Macdonald was there in his 180 sporting Equips out rear!

Ben in his Rb25DET Powered S13 was doing very well around the track and rocking Super Advans! Cool!

Blair having a yarn to Chuckie, We arrived too late to see the FC on the track!

Tandem was cool to see, Simon leading in MAX170 S14 and Dave in the S13 on the Chase

Finally some Hachi’s getting out on the track, Both were very tidy with Both being Supercharged which you could definitely tell by the noises they were making!

Ryan Leong in his Super Autech spec S14 was doing very well as the day progressed!

One of the coolest cars on the day in my opinion was this 4AGE powered KE30! Would’ve been awesome fun to drive!

Sam and Theresa living the 86 Life! With a Tidy Kouki Trueno at that!

As the Day neared its end, more and more of the drivers pushed themselves, making an awesome display!

Heaps more to come, so stay tuned!