C’s Garage x Garage Slipway Entry Competition

So, went along to Meremere on sunday, which I havnt been to since I have put the manual rack and AJPS lock spacer in, and what a difference! A very wet day to say the least but it sure seemed like the 86 gods were in my favour!

Entering the return road was the goal, and as backwards as you could do it. Joel got back from Japan after a year of living there and practising with Nakamura, Streeter and the like so was keen to see if the level of NZ drivers were able to do similar.

The 86 and I tried our hardest to go as backwards as we could but the conditions made it hard to keep the angle into the return road and maybe a bit more lock would help, but I came home in 2nd place which Im very happy about seeing as Ive never competed before, I was thinking about having fun more than competing to be honest. I got a lot closer to the wall than the above photo, even scraping them at times. Now just to focus on consistency and not to fatigue as much… My back and arms are aching today haha.

Thanks to Paul at Autofocused.co.nz as he managed to grab some awesome shots from yesterday.

Check his site out on the above link for some sweet images of NZ automotive culture.

Congratulations also go to Adam and Neal who were 1st and 3rd in the competition, cant wait for the next one where hopefully its a bit drier than on sunday.

Thanks go to Joel & Adam @ C’s Garage and Waz, Mike and the Garage Slipway Team for organizing such a sweet day.

Weekend play


Should be a lot of fun this weekend! Getting my car ready for this, its not running 100% so the clutch will take a punishing but with a few N/A 4AGE powered cars going, it will definitely have some close battles through the day.

Plus I will try my luck at some backwards entries so hopefully will be some good photos popping up later on.


More photos to come from the Hoshino Car Style Day so stay tuned!



Modern Styling: Mazda Three MPS

This certain Mazda is one of the few new Mazda’s that have a modifiable base. Coming out with a 2.3L 4 Cylinder Turbo motor and with the modern interior its also a very luxurious car.

And with small adjustments to the suspension and wheel setup, it definitely turns this car into a nicely styled hatch.

This hatch looks good everywhere it goes, and its good to see that manufactures like Mazda and the likes are still producing these types of cars to this day.

S14 Streeter

This S14 may seem familiar to the right eyes. This particular car has a good history here between friends and its still kept in an immaculate condition just like how the first owner had built it. It now sports more of a street friendly outfit.

The line up of Vertex, GP Sports, BN has changed to a more subtle OEM aero bumpers and side. Keeping with the simple additives of GP Sports roof and boot spoilers and BN Sports Bonnet and still sitting on Blitz 03’s, It looks at home on the street.

With the suspension setup being full of Tein, Cusco, Part Shop Max parts, everything is well balanced.

The body is very good with very few k’s, and with the rigidness helped by a bolt-in 5pt. cage, Bride and Nardi everything is accounted for in a well built car.

Seeing as I havn’t been taking photos so much recently, I took the opportunity to experiment with some night shots.

Have a back log of photos that I havnt posted up so will slowly go through them every now and again.

Full Gallery Here:

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