TE37 V?

New from RAYS Engineering. They will produce a vintage series of their legendary TE37 wheel, the TE37V. Suitable for all Japanese Classics and in 4×114 and low offsets, whats not to like? The wheel is forged monoblock. They will be introduced on 2010th tokyo auto salon (TAS) and sales start by the end of April.

PCD: 4×114.3

15×6.5 offset +13

15 × 7.5J offset +6

15 × 8J offset 0

15 × 8.5J offset -5

15 × 9J offset -15

15 × 9.5J offset -20

Lip sizes: 56mm (S-rim), 82mm (L-rim), 94mm (LL-rim)

Sourced from MonkeyMagic 86


Computer at home as crashed so only have the chance to come on here at work haha.

Going to Meremere again tommorow so will have some more updates & Photos soon,

Driving a ex D1NZ car to the track so that should be fun…

Anyone remember this car?



K-Style S13, now in the hands of a good friend Picket.

He lives in Taupo and the car is in Auckland so driving it to meremere to hand over to another friend to drive back.

All for the love of cars and drifting eh? haha


Anyway, Stay Tuned.



Back to N.Z I go!

You heard it, Im heading back to NZ.

After 2months of being in Japan, Im going to say, Im kind of glad to be flying back.

Although Japan is just unreal. I will come back soon enough!

Stay Tuned though, There will be Pictures of the NZ Car scene.

Its definately growing and hopefully some people will enjoy the variety of cars in NZ.


To Come:

Updates on the 86 + Parts

Drifting June 1st – Hopefully attending

Connect:4 – Street Illusionists

86 Fighters Member Rides

and more!

If I find anything interesting to post before I leave I will definately post up!

But for now, Farewell to Japan! Back to Reality.