Design Update

After having the same logo that I made on Paint years ago, I have finally decided to update the look.

Will be making these into stickers so if your interested leave a comment below and Ill keep in touch. The Japanese design will only be given to personal friends of 86fighters. Thanks to Mike Perry for the help with the Designs!



Weekend play


Should be a lot of fun this weekend! Getting my car ready for this, its not running 100% so the clutch will take a punishing but with a few N/A 4AGE powered cars going, it will definitely have some close battles through the day.

Plus I will try my luck at some backwards entries so hopefully will be some good photos popping up later on.


More photos to come from the Hoshino Car Style Day so stay tuned!



Update: Guard and Wheel work

So, it’s been a while since the last update but here’s something to finally show for it!

Thanks Mittle for lending me his camera for this shot!

Wheels are on and guards were beaten.
I swapped the tyres over from the 7J Hayashis onto the 8.5J Superstars which was abit heated.
Need to buy 195/45 for the rear as it rubs on 185/60.
Still need to bolt my passenger seat in and do something about the inner skins on the rear guards and then go for a cert. Will see how it turns out over summer but for now Im pretty stoked.
My Zenki Front lip is also being fixed up to be put on which will pretty much finish the exterior look. Would love a goodline bumper down the track though.

Anyway, hope to get onto the manual rack conversion soon to install my AJPS super lock spacer and get my lower arms lengthened. Then hopefully test it all out early next year.

Big thanks goes out to Ressa in Beaurepaires Albany for the use of his shop during the weekend and Dillon for helping me out in time of need, one of my 185/60’s decided to make friends with the inner guard and the punctured the sidewall so lent me a hammer and his 9J Mk II’s.

Hopefully I have time to do some photo taking over the summer. Been lacking lately.



Not many updates recently as Ive been busy working on the car to get it road worthy for December.

But here something that is worth posting!

With a big list of things to do, I can finally tick one thing off! In the process of getting new cap screws and will need to drill holes for them to go through so then I can finally bolt it all together and get a tyre on there. Thanks to Dillon who machined the old lips off for me at his work, the new lips slide on perfectly!

Running 185/55/14 RE-01 Potenzas for the front on the 14×8.5J -22 Superstars.
For the rear I am trying to find some 195/45/14 but will come in time! Have some old grid II 185/60’s to go on for now.

Hopefully it fits well with abit of guard work, also in process of converting to manual rack with an added lock spacer and making some mount for the Brix on the passengers side.



I only just noticed on this photo how much lock I was actually getting…


Even with a Power Steering Rack, with the Billspeer Knuckles installed and a good alignment, the amount of lock I was getting was awesome!

Now time for Manual Rack Conversion to get a Little bit more out of the 86!

Need to also find a 4.556 Final gear which will make it abit more fun and a little easier on the clutch haha.

Check Beeoneoneoh for more awesome photos from the day!


86 Fighters Collab with Zero:Class – Day of the 86

Happy 86 day to all.

I have always wanted to organize a 86 only track day in NZ and seeing as my 86 was finally here from Japan I thought I would give it a go this year and what a day it turned out to be!

Thanks to Chris “Picket” Howard from Zero Class, we were able to book out Taupo Track 3 which is a very nice small technical track for NZ standards so was perfectly suited for underpowered cars, but what helped us on the day was the rain… Well it helped me anyway! haha

There were a lot of media there so please stay tuned for Pictures and Videos from the day popping up

Chris Cain @ Beeoneoneoh

Chris Smith @ Freshly Whipped

Roo Wills @ Stay Classy

Olly Jepson @ Taupaki Drift Club

Max Fouhy @ Zero Class
I was busy driving so I think I took  2 photos on the way home haha but having pictures like this makes it all worth it:

Thanks to Chris Cain for the Photo

I would also like to thank Adam, Mark, Matt, Harry, Chris, Ressa, Adam, Daniel and Nick for helping me get this car ready for this day! Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

86 Stage 1: Test Run

So a bit of an update

Adam from C’s Garage kindly let me work on the 86 in his garage seeing as my driveway was shithouse gravel.

With a few things to do before the 86 Trackday next weekend we got onto it after work for the passed 2 days to get to the point we are at now!

3Puck Silk Road Clutch and Toda Flywheel were installed, along with the help of Mark from Team Blink, Nagisa Auto Tension Rods and adjustable Panhard was installed

Adam welded up a new 02 Sensor flange on my new extractors and got the exhaust sitting higher than before which was awesome.

My friend Matt came to help out tonight with the rust side of things patching up a hole above the boot latch.

My Bride Vios III was put in as well as a quick release boss kit which sorted out my driving position.

So once this all came together tonight Matt took some photos: Check his other Photos out here – Matt’s Blog

Seeing as Im going to be running around the same wheel setup as Adam runs on his wagon we decided to test fit the Starsharks on the 86

The Rears definitely need to flared out but I had already planned on doing them but this will come after the trackday.

With that confirmed, we dropped it back down onto the ground with the skidder watanabes and off for a test run.

Even with really old tyres all round (Cracked Sidewalls Grid II’s and Dunlop Lemans haha) the car really stuck to the road and handles nice. Kept Matts DC2R on its toes. The Toda Flywheel definitely made a lot of difference keeping the standard bigport in the torque range which im very happy about. More work to do tomorrow including half cage install and small bits and pieces. Definitely needs an alignment!

After that test run, I went for a ride in Matts DC2R and he definitely made me remember why I love hondas again! Especially when they are as well setup as his!

Such a mint example of a DC2R and being a 98 Spec its got very nice factory bits and pieces to make this a unique Type R Integra, He also took me for a touge lap which had the RE-11 Tyres screeching through the corners which made me laugh a lot! So much fun! Makes me want a honda Track car!

More updates to come!