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Off to Japan on Monday so progress is at a halt until I return but its good to see it back on its feet and can’t wait for another experience in the home of car culture for 3 weeks. Will be sure to try and update here as much as I can but if not keep up to date on my Instagram #86fighters

86 Update

A couple of updates:

I have recently purchased this SR20DET conversion setup from Christchurch Corolla owner Ben and am in the process of shipping it back up to Auckland.

I’m very happy with the purchase as it is a full going conversion which includes:
S13 SR20DET/All accessories/ Loom/ ECU/ T25 Turbo/ Exhaust/ Alloy Radiator/ Intercooler/ Cross Member/ Gearbox/ Gearbox Cross Member/ Clutch Line/ Driveshaft/ G Series diff with Mounts to suit Corolla etc.

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So upon awaiting for that, I sold my 4AGE motor to a good friend Richard who is putting it into a KP61 in the future which I am excited to see going.


And in the meantime I got myself some accessories:



Apexi Power FC / Apexi AX53B70 Tubrine (Similar to Garret GT2871R) and a Trust Muffler20140401_172323

The Turbine was imported from America and was off a Show-car over there. It had only been started up once to show it could run and turned off so the turbo is in practically brand-new condition. And with a T25/28 Flange all I need is a Manifold made up and some 550cc Injectors, maybe some Poncams and off for a tune I go.


Amongst all that; In the wheel department I had made the decision to go up one size to 15″ which is really a decision I made because of Tyre sizing/Compound and availability. I sold all my 14″ wheels and have started a collection of 15″ starting off with some SSR XR-4 Longchamps which I have temporarily put on the Zenki S14 Daily.


They will be widened later on probably to a 9J and 10J along with this Pair of 15″ SSR Mk III’s, which are currently sized at 15×7.5J -8



and the 15″ Set of Focus Racing 5 Spokes. These wheels have been on my wheel dream list of mine since I was about 16. They are nothing special in design etc but there is just something about them that I know will make the 86 look timeless. Still being a 80’s style wheel but bringing abit of the modern look to the car, I hope it will suit it!


Ive had this photo of this particular 86 since this Post back in 2009 and I hope the wheels above will turn out like the ones below!

The colour which is stuck in my head is the one below, not 100% committed yet but its high up there in colour choice.



Anyway will try keep more updates flowing~!



So its been a while….

Couple years in fact….

There’s been a lot of things going on hence no posts, most of the posts have been consumed by facebook but, I am growing quite tired of FB and the image compression issue as well as people just posting meme’s and general crap hence me resorting to coming back here, and thanks to the few that actually read my blog and message me on FB I am back~

IMG_1076 IMG_5385


A general update –

Did of a lot of drift days in 2012 and through to about feb 2013 where the cylinder bore to piston clearance wanted to double and throw out most of the oil out of the engine. Hence time for a rebuild but an opportunity to buy another shell came up and I went at it.


I sold the Panda coupe and bought a shell that has been involved in NZ drifting for years with a different direction in mind for the future. It came as a bare shell which was good for me as I wanted to start from scratch.


There hasn’t been much progress on this shell because as they say “I think I’ve had my fingers in too many pies”, but with a goal in sight its getting more and more exciting to think about.

Here is a part of the reason why this shell hasn’t progressed, meet the E70:


Now that blown motor out of the Panda Coupe ended up being a AE92 Smallport motor which got a freshen up with Atlantic 4AGE pistons, shot peened rods, new bearings, 0.8mm TRD Headgasket, Skimmed head, Re-ground Crank, Re-balanced with everything cleaned up and assembled. I also had Quad throttles lying around which were installed and got some Headers off a friend. This is still in midst of getting the final touches done to get it running and then off for a tune.


Unfortunately, as there are other priorities this sedan will be sold upon completion with a more in-depth list of specs uploaded at a later date but lets just say that I will regret selling it.

In between all of this, new jobs, new partner, new friends and experiences I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Going back to Japan the last couple times to meet with a lot old and new faces was a lot of fun with many more updates to come incl Summer Matsuri last year and a few special events from my most recent trip in January/February.

Heres a peak into what 86Fighters has to bring to you in the future~ Get Ready!



Photo Credit to: Stan @ 4×114, Chris @ Freshly Whipped, Ashley for the Artwork

C’s Garage x Garage Slipway Entry Competition

So, went along to Meremere on sunday, which I havnt been to since I have put the manual rack and AJPS lock spacer in, and what a difference! A very wet day to say the least but it sure seemed like the 86 gods were in my favour!

Entering the return road was the goal, and as backwards as you could do it. Joel got back from Japan after a year of living there and practising with Nakamura, Streeter and the like so was keen to see if the level of NZ drivers were able to do similar.

The 86 and I tried our hardest to go as backwards as we could but the conditions made it hard to keep the angle into the return road and maybe a bit more lock would help, but I came home in 2nd place which Im very happy about seeing as Ive never competed before, I was thinking about having fun more than competing to be honest. I got a lot closer to the wall than the above photo, even scraping them at times. Now just to focus on consistency and not to fatigue as much… My back and arms are aching today haha.

Thanks to Paul at as he managed to grab some awesome shots from yesterday.

Check his site out on the above link for some sweet images of NZ automotive culture.

Congratulations also go to Adam and Neal who were 1st and 3rd in the competition, cant wait for the next one where hopefully its a bit drier than on sunday.

Thanks go to Joel & Adam @ C’s Garage and Waz, Mike and the Garage Slipway Team for organizing such a sweet day.