Team SSHHH x 86Fighters

Me and my team mate Matt bought a Soarer and went to Ebisu Summer Matsuri~!

What a weekend, drove all the tracks at Ebisu without any trouble!

We ended up meeting up with a few other kiwi guys from Team SSHHH and had a blast! 1JZ Tandems

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Hoping to make it again this Summer but with something abit lighter and nimble!

Can’t Wait!

Oh and I could drive this thing after thrashing it all weekend hence my big smile!


Fun in the Dark @ Minami Course

As the day started to fall into the night, the atmosphere became relaxed and things became a little quieter. Everyone was off the track and was gathered for a group BBQ and beverages!

It wouldnt be a Japanese Matsuri (Festival) without some Karaoke!!!

Its a rare occurance to see Minami course in this light!

But this is where the fun began. As most of you have seen on videos and photos, this sport was founded from the mountains/touge which was driven at night.

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Hoshino Car Style: Warming Up

Into the afternoon the level of driving kept progressing with even D1 Street Legal drivers showing up for a few runs!

Along with some privateers with an equal amount of skill, the angle this guy was getting was in his entries was awesome!

Drifting with the roof off during summer times would be the best feeling! Would rock an open face to that too!

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On my last trip to Japan a month ago I was introduced to Noboru Morita, owner of Effect Tech which is a workshop that is up for any task given including mechanical and body repairs.

I was Introduced to Morita-san through Eigo-san who owns the Spirant Roadster. He told me he knew of a very high spec’d 86 and seeing it was my last night in Japan, he didnt mind driving my friend Brad and I out to see Morita-sans 86.

This is what we came to and what an example… I have not seen an 86 of this calibre in NZ. Morita-san has had this particular Trueno for 19 years and counting and it definitely shows.

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Hoshino Car Style Day: To the Track

As everyone starts to setup base, I took the time to go around and introduce myself to everyone.

They seemed to like the fact that Brad and I came all the way from New Zealand to see some drifting so were so welcoming and friendly.

With everyone setting up their pit area the array of cars was something else, with each car having so much individual taste and style it was a cool mix of people all here for the same reasons.

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