big☆win win win!

Heres Waz’s New look for his JZX81,

Still in the process of paint and doing all the small things but once he comes back from his overseas trip,

this JZX81 will have undergone a major transformation!

He has sold most of the wheels he had for it including his old FN01-RC’s.

With new wheels that should be at his doorstep any day now, the wheels on there now are being lent to him so the next time you see this car….


Waz is also planning on getting a few more things done to the 1J so no doubt that this car will become something special!

First time using my D90 aswell so the pictures didnt turn out the best,

Am trying to use it everyday to get the feel of it so please bare with me untill I do!



7 thoughts on “big☆win win win!

  1. D90 is an awesome camera. Still getting used to it but will be putting it to good use over the weekend. HD Filming too!

    Isidro: indeed it will be! Ive heard the plans for this car and they do not dissapoint.

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